How Can I Update Firmware of the Airstation?

Hi, I have been trying to update my firmware since 2 hours but cannot update it. Every time I get a notification of the error. It has been 2 years since I have been using firmware on the Airstation and now I just need to update the firmware as the new update is available. So if anyone of you can help me then please do comment.


Generally, manufactures regularly releases new firmware for their products to increase the performance and fix the bugs also increase the security in the routers.


> Open Web Browser.

> Now Type the Default Gateway IP address”

>Now it will ask for Router User name and Password, So the Default username is admin and password is password (in lowercase)

For Automatic Firmware Update (DD-WRT) :

> Go to [Administration]- [Firmware upgrade] tab.

Firmware upgrade tab

> For manually upload a firmware file, click [Browse] button and select the downloaded Firmware file.

> Then click [Update] to start upload. > Alternatively, click [Check for update] to select from list of available updates released on Buffalo servers.

Buffalo servers

How Can I Update Firmware of the Airstation?

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