How can i update firmware of the airstation?

Hi, I have been trying to update my firmware since 2 hours but cannot update it. Every time I get a notification of the error. It has been 2 years since I have been using firmware on the airstation and now I just need to update the firmware as the new update is available. So if anyone of you can help me then please do comment.

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Generally, manufactures regularly releases new firmware for their products to increase the performance and fix the bugs also increase the security in the routers.


> Open Web Browser.

> Now Type the Default Gateway IP address”

>Now it will ask for Router User name and Password, So the Default username is admin and password is password (in lowercase)

For Automatic Firmware Update (DD-WRT) :

> Go to [Administration]- [Firmware upgrade] tab.

Firmware upgrade tab

> For manually upload a firmware file, click [Browse] button and select the downloaded Firmware file.

> Then click [Update] to start upload. > Alternatively, click [Check for update] to select from list of available updates released on Buffalo servers.

Buffalo servers

How can i update firmware of the airstation?

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