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How do i change my network on my roku?

Recently I purchased new router because fast internet connection is needed to enjoy Roku and my previous internet connection was too slow. But the situation has become a headache for me as my new router is not connecting to Roku. In fact, my Roku is connected to some anonymous network, but that is not working (signal is low). Help me! how can I change network on Roku?



See how to connect Roku to TV -

  • If your TV has HDMI connection, then you can easily set up Roku device. For connecting Roku to TV, take an HDMI cable and plug its one end into Roku’s HDMI port. Now, connect another end of HDMI cable to the TV’s HDMI port.

  • If your Roku allows wired internet connection then you can connect it to router otherwise go for wireless connection.

  • Now you have to plug one end of power adapter into Roku and another end into the wall outlet.

  • In last, just insert Roku batteries into remote and you are done!

Connect Roku to Wi-Fi

  • Firstly switch on your TV and tune to a proper HDMI input.

  • After this, press the power on button of Roku.

  • Now navigate to Roku Home screen and tap Settings.

  • In next step, go to Network> Wi-Fi> Set up new Wi-Fi connection.

  • Now you will see a list of all available wireless connection. Just choose the one which you want to connect.

  • After this, just enter the wireless password for the authentication. If you forgot router’s password then enter default password.

  • If you see three check-marks on your screen then you must understand that Roku is securely connected to wireless network.

If you have any confusion please contact Roku Technical Support Number.

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