How do I Change My Network on My Roku?

Hello everyone! I am experiencing constant connectivity issues with Roku from yesterday. While setting up Roku, my device automatically got connected to the wrong network inadvertently. One of my friend suggested me to change network settings for connecting to correct network. But I have no idea how to change Roku's network. Help me guys to change network on Roku! Thanks in Advance!

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It might be an aggravating experience for you to change Roku’s network. Once you find the right network, you can switch all of your wireless devices to it.

If you want to change Roku network then you have to reconfigure Roku’s wireless settings in this way -

1.Search the Home button on Roku remote control and press it.

how do i change my network on my roku


2. Check your TV’s screen and use left arrow key to highlight “Settings”. After this, press the Select button.

how do i change my network on my roku

3.Now, again use left arrow keys to highlight “Repeat Guided Setup ” and then press the Select button from the Roku remote.

4.Highlight the “Wireless” option to check the wireless network and then press the Select button.

5.Scan for the available WiFi network and choose the WiFi network of your choice. Although Roku device is compatible with “b”, “g”, “n” wireless networks. But if any problem arises during scanning wireless network then ask for assistance from Roku Technical Support.

6.When you find the network of your choice then the wireless key is needed for establishing a connection. Enter that wireless key(password) accurately because if that key will wrong then you can’t connect your Roku device to the network of your choice.

how do i change my network on my roku

7.Once everything gets complete, highlight “Done” option and then press the Select button on the Roku remote control.

If after changing wireless network, any problem arises then drop your message here, I will definitely help you.

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How do I Change My Network on My Roku?

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