How do I Configure My CG4500 for 2 Xboxs to Have Open Nat?

Hi, I recently had to upgrade my router from a WNR2000v2 to CG4500BD. I was able to configure my old router for 2xbox 360s to work without NAT issues. I was trying to configure my new router for the same xbox setup but was not able to configure it correctly. 1 xbox is wireless and the other is wired. How do I go about configuring my router for xbox live to work correctly. Thank you for any help.

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I'm having similar issues but the difference is my 360 Wii U ps3 and ps4 have no issues with NAT but my Xbox one has given me plenty of headaches. I have cox and am using a Motorola modem and a trend-net router.

My NAT used to be strict all the time finally got it to open but now it says I've got a cone NAT. My issues got worse during the Destiny Beta and now have issues even doing party chat with friends.

They can hear me but I can't hear them. I've spent the past 2 weeks reading up and trying all the different suggestions I found online similar to what you've tried yourself. At this point after 13 years having Xbox as my main system I'm about to raise the white flag and give up. I've had no issues on PS4 and if that is the only place I can chat and play with friends then that's where I'm going to have to go.

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First thing: bring behind a cone NAT means everything is fine with your network.

Second thing: of you can join parties and your friends can hear you it's normally not a network issue.

If it was a network issue you would not be heard too. So it's supposed to be a different problem. Maybe it's a problem with your headset or chat settings in general. Also during the destiny beta it was a known issue that chat was not working when docked and then got undocked during the game.

Suggestion is to do a cache reset (hold powerbutton for about 15 seconds) check all your chat settings especially "sound on / off" and then try again.

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How do I Configure My CG4500 for 2 Xboxs to Have Open Nat?

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