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How do I Fix My NETGEAR WiFi Router?

I have connected two PC from my Netgear WGR614v2 router. When I connect the router to both PC via modem (ZTE ZXDSL831 series) then my internet connection becomes very slow, I don't know why this is happening? On the other hand, when I connect only 1 PC to Netgear router and modem, I get speed up to 5mbps. I have tried resetting, rebooting but still, there is some problem with Netgear router. Can anyone fix my Netgear WiFi router so that I can enjoy good internet speed on both PC at the same time?

Apply these basic troubleshooting tips to fix Netgear router connectivity issues -

1.Improve wireless performance by changing channel -

To change Netgear router’s wireless channel, follow these points -

a. Firstly launch the internet browser and navigate to “www.routerlogin.net”.

b. When a login prompt window open, just enter the accurate login details.

c. After entering login details, hit Login and a Basic Home Page will display on the screen.

d.On the Basic Home page, choose Wireless option and move to Wireless Settings.

e.Go to Region menu and choose your region. After this, move to Channel menu and choose a number.

f. Save the setting by clicking on Apply button.

2.Power cycle your home network -

Let’s see how to perform a power cycle :-

a.First of all, shut down all devices including your both operating system, Netgear router, modem.

b.If you are using DSL/Cable modem then firstly turn it on and let it boot up. This process will take a little time because ISP will establish the connection with your modem. When the connection gets establish, Netgear router’s LED will blink.

c.Now, Netgear router will establish the connection with your DSL/cable modem. This process will also take some time. When Netgear router’s LED (Internet) turns into solid green you should understand your router is successfully connected to the modem.

d.Now, turn on other wired/wireless devices that are connected to your router and check internet connectivity. I hope, after power cycling, your both PC will easily connect to your router.

3.Restore Netgear router to factory default settings- If still, the problem is going on, then perform a factory reset on Netgear router. For this, check the factory reset button on the backside of the router. Once you find it, take a sharp object like the paperclip and insert into Reset hole.

Press the button for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, release the Reset button and wait for your Netgear router to reboot. When factory reset gets complete, Netgear router’s power light will stop blinking and turns into solid green. Just conduct this process, to restore your Netgear router to factory default settings.

4.Download latest firmware for Netgear router - Launch Netgear Desktop genie app on your system as it will detect if firmware updates are available or not. After this, tap on “Router Settings”.

You are now redirected to Netgear router login page where you have to enter login credentials to login into Netgear router setup wizard. After logging into Netgear wizard, search the “Router Update” option. Once you find it, just tap on it and hit Next button to check the firmware updates. If firmware updates are available then a message will display on the screen.

At last, tap on OK and Netgear Genie software will update the Netgear router’s firmware.

5.Take help from Experts – If after applying above fixes, still the problem exists then don’t make extra efforts, just reach out at Netgear Router Technical Support Number and receive the suggestions directly from top-notched experts.

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How do I Fix My NETGEAR WiFi Router

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