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How do i reset my password for y tenda wireless router w311r?

hello, I have a Tenda Wireless router W311r router and I have been using it for some time. Recently, from a couple of days, it started to drop signals and stop working in between. When I tried to get some help, People advised me to reset my router. I know how to reset the router itself but how do I reset the password to make it more secure and avoid any intruder to use it without my permission. Please help!



Dear Bradd, the process of resetting Tenda wireless router’s password is very easy. Without resetting your router, you can change Tenda router password. Only you have to do one thing i.e., just follow the steps that I have illustrated here.

To reset Tenda w311r router password, just have a look at these points -

1.Open Mozilla Firefox tab and type “” in the address bar, press Enter. This will take you to Tenda Router Login page.

2.Now login into Tenda router setup wizard by entering login details. To log into Tenda router set you to have to enter default password i.e., “admin”. Next, press Enter.

3. After logging, navigate to Advanced tab to access Tenda router settings.

4.Next, go to the menu bar(top) and click on Tools button.

5.After this, move to left side and tap on Change Password option.

6.Type old password in the old password checkbox and new password in the New Password Checkbox. Also, type the same password in the “Confirm Password” checkbox for confirmation. Next, click OK.

7.Now a pop-message will display on the screen that will ask you about confirmation regarding password change. Just press OK and you are done!

After resetting Tenda router’s password, any anonymous person can access your internet without your permission. If still, signal dropping issue arises then please contact Tenda Router Technical Support Number.

Hope this helps!

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