How do i secure my dlink wireless router?

Where can you find the security key in a wireless router? and How do i secure my dlink wireless router with the help of key?

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  1. First we will need to use the computer that we have wired directly into the LAN port on the router.
  2. Once you are on this computer please open your Internet browser (We will be using Internet Explorer for this example).
  3. Once you have opened your Internet browser you will need to clear out the Address Bar across the top.
  4. Here you will need to type in into the Address Bar and then press Enter on your keyboard. You will then be prompted for a Username and Password.
  5. Enter admin for the Username and leave the Password (blank).
  6. Then press Enter on your keyboard or OK on the screen. Now you will click on Wireless Settings on the left side of the screen.
  7. When the new screen loads on the right you can rename your wireless network by changing the Network Wireless Name. Under Wireless Security Mode select Enable WPA - Personal Wireless Security from the drop down box.
  8. Now boxes will appear below that labeled Passphrase and Confirmed Passphrase.
  9. This is where you will type what you would like your wireless password to be. Once you have entered your password press Save Settings towards the top of the screen.
  10. After you have pressed Save Settings the router will now broadcast a secure wireless broadcast. Any of your wireless devices will initially have to type in the passphrase which was entered into the wireless router.
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Securing your router is an easy task if you follow the following steps with alertness and concentration. Here I will discuss a step-wise detailed description of How to Secure Dlink Router and provide necessary Dlink wireless router security help. 

STEP 1:  First, open your web browser and enter your IP address or in the given URL field and hit Enter. This will redirect you to your Dlink router's web interface or login page.

STEP 2: Once on the login page, type "admin" in the username field as shown below and leave the password field blank and hit Enter.
Note: If you have been provided with a router login username and password by your Internet Service Provider, enter those credential in the below field. I have mentioned the default username and password.

STEP 3:  Now you will be redirected to the main interface of your DLink router device, once on the main page, click on "Wireless settings" on the left-hand side.

STEP 4:  Now in the wireless settings, check your security mode or encryption, this is to make your web browsing and internet security.

STEP 5: Change the encryption mode of your Dlink router to WPA2 as it is considered to be safest and one with government level encryption. encryption refers to the coded messages which your router transfer and receive over the internet. more secure and encrypted settings will take longer and more effort to crack.

STEP 6: Now in the same section you will notice a blank space as "Paraphrase" this is your wifi password, not the log in one but the one which you need at the time of connecting to your wifi. So make sure to create a safe and strong password which you can remember, also confirm the same in the next box.

STEP 7:  Once you have changed your password save the settings and close the window. restart your router to let it implement the changes made to it.
You have successfully changed and secured your Dlink Wifi router.

This is how you secure  Dlink router, you can also contact Dlink router Technical support for further queries.

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How do i secure my dlink wireless router?

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