How do I Secure My Readynet Router?

From one week, I am experiencing low bandwidth issue with Readynet router. When I search about this problem on the internet then I came to know someone is leaching my internet. I also had applied a complex password yet someone is using my router. I just want to know about advanced security techniques so that I can protect my Readynet router from intruders. If anyone has any idea then please help me!

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Nowadays router security is very important, no matter which router brand you are using. Although security Readynet router is no a complicated task, so don’t worry about this.

Apple these basic procedures to secure your Readynet router -

1.Firstly open Readynet router’s IP address by entering “” into browser’s address bar and then hit Enter button.

2.For logging into Readynet router setup wizard, you have to enter login credentials.

how do i secure my readynet router

Username - admin

Password – pz938qd6

If Readynet router setup wizard does not open after entering above login details then you have to reset the Readynet router using the Reset button. For resetting, you have to press the Reset button for 15 seconds with a paperclip.

3.After entering into Readynet router setup wizard, you have to change default login details to something unique.

Note these tips -

a. Pick a hard-to-guess password that you can only remember.

b. Password should be complex if possible use mixture of numbers and alphabets.

c. Build a strong hash password and don’t forget to note it some safe place for future use.

4.Also, change Readynet router’s SSID and enable network encryption to ensure the higher level of protection. For changing SSID, go to Wireless section and look for SSID name. When your find SSID, delete the previous value and type a unique value at the required place.

how do i secure my readynet router

5.Once you change SSID, move to Network Encryption method and set it as “WPA-2 PSK”.

how do i secure my readynet router

6.After this, move to Pre-Shared key and enter a new WiFi password value in it. Just note one thing i.e., this password should be different from Readynet router login password and keep it between 15- 20 characters.

7.Also, disable SSID broadcast to secure your Readynet router.

8.Lastly, save all changes by clicking on Save button and forget all worries about Readynet router’s security.

I hope this information will help you to secure Readynet router from unwanted users. If you need additional help regarding Readynet router then feel free to ask from professionals at Readynet Router Technical Support Number.

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How do I Secure My Readynet Router?

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