How do I Secure My WiFi?

Wifi has been activated on my laptop and now i get the feeling that others close by around my place are using it. how do i lock it so that it is secure wifi?

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Hye Arnol, you can easily protect your wifi network by using the tricks that are stated below:-

1.Change router location – You might be wondering how router ‘s location affect security. But this is true, the position of router plays an important role in terms of security. It is always suggested by experts to place router at a centralized location so that you can have same internet speed at every corner of your house. Also, don’t place your router near the window.

Change router location

2.Boost WiFi security with a strong network administrator password -

As we all know the default credentials of various routers are something like admin/password etc and it is very easy for a hacker to modify router’s settings. While resetting WiFi password, just take an extra step and also modify the network admin’s name and also the associated password. By doing this, it will become difficult for a hacker to hack your device.

3.Disable Remote Administration -

To disable “Remote Administration”, firstly log into router’s web interface. After logging into router wizard, search for “Remote Administration” and set it as “Disable”. After disabling remote access, save the settings by clicking on “Save” button.

disable remote administration

4.Update Router’s software -

It is very important to update your router’s software from time to time. By updating router’s firmware, not only you will experience hassle-free web browsing but this will also boost wireless network security. Some routers automatically update their software but if this function is unavailable on your router then you have to manually update router’s software.

update router firmware

5.Use firewall software programs-

To add an extra level of security, you should use firewall software programs. Various routers have a built-in firewall and it just requires only activation. To protect your WiFi network from malicious security attempts, it is suggested by experts to install a firewall device on the router, if the inbuilt firewall is unavailable.

After trying these tips, I hope you are able to protect your WiFi network from malicious users. If still, you have any doubt or query regarding router’s security then please contact Belkin Router Technical Support Number.


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Here, I am describing some techniques through which you can secure your WiFi network.

1.Input Gateway IP address while connecting to router - To find gateway IP address, follow these steps one by one-

  • Go to Start and then open Run.

Open Run

  • In Run box, type “cmd” (without quotes) and hit Enter button.
  • Now, Command Prompt window will open on your system. At Command Prompt screen, type “inconfig/all” and hit Enter button.
  • Find the line named as “Gateway” and note down the number, that number will look like something “”.

Gateway IP address

  • Enter that particular number into the address bar and hit Enter key.

This process will applicable only in Windows operating system. If you are connecting your Belkin router to Mac OS X then please contact Belkin Tech Support/Belkin Support Helpline.

2.Enable encryption to make your network secure -

To secure your network, you should use 128-bit encryption as this provide the highest level of security. Ignore WEP because anyone can crack this security method within few moments. According to professionals, WPA 2 is the best security method to secure wifi. If you are using WPA-2 security method then you also have to enter a strong password in the “Pre-Shared” key.

enable encryption

3.Use a strong password –

If you forgot router password then instead of getting worried, just reset your router through reset hole. By resetting the router to factory defaults, all previous settings will get erased. To change the default password, first, log into router’s webpage and then open Wireless section. After this, go to “Password” field and enter a unique value into that field. Also, you have to enter same values in “Confirm Password” field. After this, lock the router settings by clicking on Apply button. While entering the password, just note one thing i.e., your password should be unique and if possible use numbers, characters, and symbols. Don’t forget to note down the same password on a piece of paper for future use.

4.Change SSID to something unique –

If you are using default SSID then hackers can easily hack your wifi network. Although SSID can’t influence network security yet you have to change your default SSID to something unique.

Change SSID

Try above techniques at once and share your experience here without any hesitation. If you are using Belkin router and need additional information then contact Belkin Router Technical Support Number.

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How do I Secure My WiFi?

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