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How do i secure my zyxel router?

Hello guys! I am using Zyxel router. I just want to know which security is better for my Zyxel router. My previous security settings were changed by someone and now my Zyxel router is not working properly. So, please suggest me how can I secure my Zyxel router? Thanks in Advance!



Going by your query the issue of a nonsecure Zyxel router seems to be the case. Zyxel router is not working properly because someone else without your prior knowledge might be unethically accessing the data. Here, I will discuss in detail on how to secure your Zyxel Router to make it work properly. so follow the instructions carefully:
How to secure Zyxel Router?
Step 1: Connect your Zyxel Router with your computer using an ethernet cable. Insert one end of the cable into your Zyxel Router LAN port while the other end goes inside the ethernet port of your computer. Wait for few minutes to let the connection between the two get established.
Step 2: Open your web browser and enter your IP address in the given URL field and hit Enter. This will redirect you to the login portal of your Zyxel router. Enter your SSID and Password and login to your router. In case you do not know your SSID, enter "admin" and leave the password field blank and hit Enter again. This will redirect you to the main settings page of your Zyxel Router.
Step 3: Once on the main page, click on "Advanced Settings" > "Wireless" > "Wireless Security". Now from the given form of encryption option choose WPA2 as it is considered to be the most secure among all. Save the Settings.
Step 4: On the Wireless Security page, click or uncheck the box hiding your "Passkey". This is your wireless password or Wifi password. Enter a new password which is strong and can be remembered easily. Use of Uppercase, lowercase, and numerals combined gives you a very strong and nice password combination. Note it down if your memory is not that great. Save the settings, now only those people who have your wireless password can access your Zyxel Router.
Step 5: You can even use Mac filtering to resolve this issue. Mac addresses are permanent hardware address which is different for each device. So go to settings and then click on "MAC Filtering" or any option related to MAC and then enter the MAC addresses of your devices which you want to grant permission to use your WIFI.

Hopefully, the above-set of information helped you in fixing your Zyxel router Security issues. In case you have any query or issues related to these instructions, kindly revert back.

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