How do I Secure My ZYXEL Router?

Hello buddies!I recently purchased ZyXEL P660HN-TxA router. I have not applied any security settings on it as I am not aware about its security settings. Is there anybody who can guide me to secure Zyxel router in an easy way so that no one can use my router without my permission. Any help would be highly appreciated!

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Go through this procedure to secure Zyxel router -

1.Open any web browser and type Zyxel router IP address “” in the address bar. Then, hit Enter key.

2.You are now redirected to a webpage where you have to enter Zyxel router username and password. If you have not set any custom password then enter these details -

a. Enter “admin” in the username field box.

b. Enter “1234” in the password field box.

how do i secure my zyxel router

You have to enter these details accurately and then hit Login.

3.After entering into Zyxel router configuration interface, first, hover over Network Settings option and then tap on Wireless.

how do i secure my zyxel router

4.Now Wireless Settings screen will display on the screen.

5.Amend the default SSID to something unique because through default SSID anonymous person can change your router settings and this may prove disastrous for you. Simply change SSID to some unique value that is easy to guess for you, not for other.

how do i secure my zyxel router

6.Scroll down the mouse cursor and check other Security level settings. Set the Security mode to “WPA-2 PSK” and don’t forget to click on the box that is next to “Generate Password Automatically”.

how do i secure my zyxel router

7. Also, modify the password and made it complex as you can. Move to the password field, first delete the previous one and then enter the complex password. Also, remove the checkmark from the password unmask box.

8. Once the password is set, save all the changes by clicking on Apply button.

Just make these necessary changes in your Zyxel router security settings and secure your Zyxel router in the simplest way. While applying these security settings, if any error arises then reach out at Zyxel Router Technical Support Number and receive instant professional support at your doorstep.

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How do I Secure My ZYXEL Router?

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