How do i set up my belkin wireless router as an access point to the internet?

I just bought a Belkin wireless G router and I am trying to connect the router as an access point to my laptop. Actually i have tried one and more time to connect it but nothing happened and it was showing same problem. So How can I do this? please give me quick solution for this.

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8 months ago


First of all, confirm that your Belkin wireless router is plugged in and working before commencing. The Router should be connected to a Computer via the Patch Cable/Ethernet cable.

You need some Hardware Requirements i.e., -
  • Router
  • Router Power Supply
  • Computer
  • Network (Patch) Cable/ Ethernet cable
  1. Firstly you need to connect to the Belkin router web interface by entering in the browser's address field.
  2. Once you logged on, tap on Menu Item ‘Use As Access Point'.
  3. Click on ‘Enable’ and then type IP Address that you want to the Access Point. By default, it will be ‘’. After this, save the changes and now you will no longer be able to access your Belkin router by using the "" IP address.
  4. In next step, configure your Computer to access the Access Point. If router will only give you a 192.168.2 then static IP address is recommended.
  5. Now Configure  IP address to be in the Range of the Access Point with an IP of and put the IP of the Access Point as the Default Gateway.

Now tap on OK button and you will be redirected to  Network Connections Window. Finally, open  Mozilla Firefox and type the Access Point's IP address i.e., 


How do i set up my belkin wireless router as an access point to the internet?

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