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How do i set up my belkin wireless router as an access point to the internet?

I just bought a Belkin wireless G router and I am trying to connect the router as an access point to my laptop. Actually i have tried one and more time to connect it but nothing happened and it was showing same problem. So How can I do this? please give me quick solution for this.



Make sure that firstly you have to the Router pluggedin and working before commencing. The Router should be connected to a Computer via the Patch Cable provided to ensure connectivity with the Router.

You need some Hardware Requirements;

• Router

• Router Power Supply

• Computer

• Network (Patch) Cable

A)  Firstly  You need to Connect to the Routers Web Interface (

B) Once you  logged on, Click on the Menu Item ‘Use As Access Point’.

C) Click on ‘Enable’ and  Enter the IP Address you want for the Access Point. By default
it will be ‘’ like a normal Access Point, for this test we will use to show how to
access it from a different IP. Apply the changes and now you will no longer be able to access the Router

D) Now you need to configure your Computer to access the Access Point, a Static IP Address is
recommended since the Router will only give you a 192.168.2…. IP Address and therefore you will not
have access to it.

E) Configure your IP to be in the Range of the Access Point with an IP of and put the IP of the
Access Point as the Default Gateway.
Now Click ‘OK’ and ‘OK’ again and you will be back in the Network Connections Window.
Now Finally open Internet Explorer and type the IP Address of the Access Point ( 

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