How to Block a Site?

I want to block site youtube for example how to block i tried do it but i can't find url filter option in tenda settings my router model (Tenda f9)

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Blocking of a particular Url is achievable by Url Filter functions, let us see how to do it:

Step 1:
Open your web browser and type in 192.168..1.1 in the address bar/Url field and hit Enter.

Step 2
: You will be redirected to the login page of your Tenda router. Enter the username and Password in their respective fields and hit Enter.

If your ISP did not provide you with any login credentials, use 'admin' in the username and password field, it is the default login credential for Tenda router. If these default credentials do not work, reset and try again.

Step 3:
Now, on the main settings page, click on 'Security Settings' from the left side menu, and then select 'Url Filter' from the side menu.

Step 4:
Enable Url Filter by clicking on the box.You will see a wide variety of options to chose from.

Step 5
: In the filter section, first type in the name of the website you want to block the access to, under Policy name. In the next section, set the IP range from 2-234, this will cover all your computer and then type in the URL address of the website you want to block.

Step 6:
Set the range of time, you want to disable the website for, you can also choose the days on which these policies will be applicable.

Step 7:
Click Apply and the website of your choice would not be accessible to any device on your network.

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How to Block a Site?

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