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How to Change Channel with Baby Monitor on Apple Airport Router?

Hi all! I have an Apple Airport Extreme router and a summer infant baby monitor. When the baby monitor is turned on Wi-Fi internet connection speed is drastically reduced to a speed which is unusable. As soon as the baby monitor is turned off its back up to speed. I have tried changing my airport extreme to use a channel but this did not seem to help the situation. Does anyone have any further ideas as to how I can help resolve this issue? Is there another channel I should use, or an option I could enable to help fix things? Thanks so much, any help much appreciated.

Change Channel with Baby Monitor on Apple Airport Router:

Wifi networks have a lot of advantages like providing you connections through walls and ceilings and to have a wireless connection throughout your home is a big advantage, but at the same time, it has a lot of shortcomings too. The general 2.4ghz wifi networks face a lot of interface from other devices around,

So follow the steps below to troubleshoot your wifi connection on Apple Airport Router.

Find the source of interference: launch your airport setup and select your network from the bottom and go to advanced settings and click on logs and statistics. Here you can check which all devices are connected to your wireless network and which is causing the interface.

Choosing a different channel: the best way to do this is to restart your airport device as it chooses automatically the least used channel, but if that does not help try manual setting in the 2.4ghz frequency.

If this does not help change the band of your baby monitor to the 5ghz range and keep your wifi at 2.4ghz.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned steps will help you get your wifi speed in check.

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How to Change Channel with Baby Monitor on Apple Airport Router

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