How to Change My Wireless Name and Password (OPTUS-CG3000)?

Hello guys! I am using Optus provided Netgear modem. I want to change wireless name and password because I think someone is leaching my internet. When I type "" in the address bar, Optus Netgear gateway does not display on the screen. I don't know why this is happening? Please provide me some easy steps through which I can easily change wireless name and password (Optus-CG3000). Thanks!

Change WiFi Password Optus:

If your Optus- provided Netgear modem is not working then firstly verify that the ethernet cable that you are using is properly connected to your laptop/PC and device.

After checking the physical connection, you have to change wireless name and password. For this process, have a look at these points that are mentioned below -

How to Change Wireless Name and Password (Optus-cg3000) -

Step 1 : Firstly, launch your favourite web browser and enter “” in the browser’s address bar. If Optus Netgear gateway does not open then immediately contact your ISP.

Step 2 : On the other hand, if Optus Netgear gateway displays on the screen then perform these procedures that are mentioned in further steps.

Step 3 : Tap on Wireless Settings and then proceed to SSID field. Here change the wireless name of Optus-provided Netgear modem as per your choice.

Step 4 : Now, move to the Pre-Shared key field and change the password value. You can set the password as per your choice but it is recommended by experts to set a unique password value so that no one can hack your router. In password, you can include numbers/special characters or alphabets also.

Step 5 : After changing wireless name and password of Optus-provided Netgear modem, save the entire security settings by clicking on Apply button.

Now, you can connect easily connect devices to your wireless network. If you experience connectivity issues or no wireless signal detected then please ask for support from professionals by making a call on Netgear Router service.


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How to Change My Wireless Name and Password (OPTUS-CG3000)

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