How to Change the WEP Key for the D-Link Wireless Router?

When i insert the CD to change it, it starts to see if the router is connected everything is connected but the program tells me Modem not detected! Please check the following: 1. The power adapter is connected to your modem and an electrical outlet. 2. Your modem's Ethernet cable is properly connected to your computer. 3. Network card is properly installed in your computer. so what should I do I wanted to reset my router but i forgot the user name and the password that i took from my internet provider i just remember the password so what should i do i can still use the internet please help my router is D-link DSL-2640T

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Such errors are quite common as like getting frustrate to change WEP key for a d-link wireless routers. If you're using WEP encryption, you can compensate somewhat for one of its weaknesses by changing your network's WEP encryption key frequently.

Steps for changing WEP security key in dlink wireless routers as stated below:-

Step-1 First of all, open your Web browser and enter in the Address field.

Step-2 Now enter your router credentials as user name and password.

Step-3 When the D-Link Configuration screen displays, confirm that the Home tab is selected and click Wireless.

Step-4 Now entered a new WEP encryption key like and get to confirm that Enabled is selected for the WEP setting.

Step-5 Now set the WEP encryption key into a field that helps to reflect the level of router’s protection that a user need.

Step-6 Now choose ASCII into the key field type.

Step-7 Although you can enter a WEP encryption key in HEX format, it's generally easier to use the ASCII format and enter a phrase that's easier to remember.

Step-8 Enter the new WEP encryption key. If you are using 128-bit encryption, you must have 13 characters. If you are using 64-bit encryption, you must have 5 characters. You may want to create a phrase that is easy to remember.

Step-9 Write down your new WEP encryption key and keep it in a safe place for future reference. You will need it to update your wireless network adapters.

Step-10 Then click or as apply to save your new WEP encryption setting.

Remember:- You must update the WEP encryption settings for all your wireless network adapters to match any changes you've made.
All the best to resolve such complex issues as to change WEP key of a dlink router as explained steps instantly.

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How to Change the WEP Key for the D-Link Wireless Router?

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