How to Configure a D-Link Router for Xbox Live?

i have a dlink and a bt home hub. i don't use the dlink but home hub is used. i have an xbox and was wondering how to plug dlink into it and connect to the bt home hub using the dlink.. i know its possible but how ??

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D-Link routers are now get easily configured by using two important settings such as UPnP and NAT filtering. If you have not still configured then do it now. If you get unable to configure these settings then it makes you unstable for Xbox Live connection. This will provides for a long time by an online matches. Here we are discussing some important points that provides you an easiest configuration within a few minutes as includes:

Step-1 Firstly you open your favourite web browser as Chrome Firefox or internet explorer. Then type the navigate into the address bar. And then type the login credentials as username as well as password to the router's configuration utility.


Step-2 Then select to open the advanced tab and then go to click on firewall settings in the given navigation pane.


Step-3 Now Choose endpoint independent and the next click to UDP endpoint filtering and then select an option of TCP endpoint filtering which is marked or as available in the NAT endpoint filtering section of the given page. After completing all these click to apply.


Step-4 You seen the Advanced Network in the given navigation pane and try to check whether it is enable UPnP check box or not. To save all your configuration settings click to apply. Your D-Link router configuration utility is almost ready for Xbox Live connection.

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How to Configure a D-Link Router for Xbox Live?

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