How to configure linksys router?

It's not always easy to set up a wireless router with a Windows client. Linksys routers come with a step-by-step Setup Wizard which makes setup and configuration easy to understand. Once the initial setup is complete it's simple to customize the configurations.

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  1. Connect using a web browser. When you are first configuring your router connect it to a computer via Ethernet cable. This will ensure that you are not disconnected if changes are made to the wireless network. Open any web browser and enter in the router's address into the address bar. Virtually all Linksys routers can be access by entering the address If you cannot access the router from your browser the "web management" option may be disabled. If this is the case press and hold the Reset button on the back of your router to reset it to factory defaults.
  2. Enter your username and password. When you try to access the router from the web you will be asked for the username and password for your router. These vary from router to router but the defaults should be listed in your documentation. If you can't find it you can reset the router to factory settings and then look up the router model online. Most default usernames are "admin". Most default passwords are "admin" or blank.
  3. Use configuration software. Many newer Linksys routers come with an installation CD that can install a configuration program. This will allow you to change settings without having to connect through a web browser. You typically will not need to enter a username and password to use it. Once you open the configuration software the menus will generally be the same as the browser menus.
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1. Click the Wireless tab. When you first open the configuration utility you will be taken to the Basic Setup page. You can leave all of these settings at their defaults unless specified otherwise by your ISP. When you click the Wireless tab you will be taken to the "Basic Wireless Settings" section. This section will allow you to create and secure your wireless network. It is important that you change it from whatever default it was set to for security.

2.Give your network a name. In the Basic Wireless Settings section there will be a field labeled "Wireless Network Name(SSID)". This is the name of your network which will appear in the list of available networks for your wireless devices. Make sure you don't give out any personal information as anyone can see this name. You can keep the Network Mode and Channel set to the default unless specified otherwise by your ISP.

3 .Enable broadcast. Ensure that the "Enable" option is selected for "Wireless SSID Broadcast". This essentially turns on your wireless network and allows it to be discovered. Once you are done click the "Save Settings" button.

4 .Secure your network. Click the "Wireless Security" section to open up your wireless security options. Here you will be able to set the security encryption type and password. Security Mode "Set this to WPA2 if possible". This is the latest for of encryption and the most secure way you can protect your network. Note: Not all older devices support WPA2. If your printer or other device can't use switch to WPA or WEP. Passphrase this is the password that people will need to enter when they attempt to connect their devices to your network. Make sure that the password is strong to prevent unwanted intruders.

5 .Click "Save Settings" when you are finished. Your router will apply the changes and restart. Your wireless network will now be activated and secured.

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How to configure linksys router?

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