How to configure mikrotik router with winbox?

Hi, I have a MIKROTIK ROUTER for last 3month and Its work fine but now I want to change some setting in my router So I want to CONFIGURE MIKROTIK ROUTER WITH WINBOX and I have no idea how to configure Mikrotik Router with Winbox. So can anyone have any suggestion


MIKROTIK ROUTER basic configuration includes assigning Ip addresses and enabling NAT for accessing the internet. microtik router basic configuration can be divided into 4 steps.


  • Download the winbox first, connect your pc with the microtik router by cable rj45.
  • open winbox click on search. connected ethernet's cable will appear now click the mac address. username is admin and password is blank then click connect.
  • now go to IP address menu click on plus sign type the IP address provided by your ISP hit APPLY and then ok.


After completing the wan setup, you should now configure the gateway.

here are the steps - go to IP > router menu,

  • click on the new route list.
  • now putt the gateway address (eg; which is provided by your ISP.
  • now hit APPLY and then OK.

Search DHCP Server


After completing gateway configuration. you have to create nat firewall rule to masquerade your LAN IP.

here are steps how we can do this....

  •  go to the ip> firewall menu click on nat tab, click on add .
  • choose chain: srcnat and src. address: under general tab and choose action : masquerade from action tab and then click apply and ok .


After completing all configuration this is the last configuration remain left you to need to do.

here are the following steps -

  • go to IP > DNS menu. putt DNS server address that you have got from ISP in servers input box, optionally you can turn your Mikrotik router as a DNS server. so if you want to turn Microtik into a DNS server click allow remote requests checkbox and click apply and then ok. 
  • if you turn your Mikrotik router into a DNS server, all Mikrotik IP address can be used as a DNS server IP including wan IP which is public IP and problem will arise here.
  • for this go to Ip > firewall menu and click on add new button . under the general tab choose chain: input, protocol: udp, dst, port :53 and in. Interface: either1. now choose the action: drop from under action tab and click apply and ok button.
  • now your Mikrotik DNS server safe from outside of your LAN.

How to configure mikrotik router with winbox?

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