How to Connect Desktop and a Laptop by Linksys Router?

I have Linksys WRT54G router and a cable modem. WRT54G router. I can access the internet with the desktop WinXP-Pro and a Fujitsu P5000 laptop running WinXP-Home via a wired connection. But attempts to configure both computers to network over the wireless link have not been successful. Is anyone able to provide information on how to connect a desktop and a laptop to each other and the internet through a Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router?

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The issue of your laptop or computer not connecting to Wifi of your Linksys router could occur because of a number of reasons. Here we will discuss in detail on how to connect your laptop and computer to a wireless network. Follow the steps carefully:

1. Check Your Computer For Network Adapter: Your laptop or computer can only connect to the WIFI if they have a built-in Wifi card. In case your computer doesn't have one, you can buy an external network adapter card to use the internet connection wirelessly.

2. Configure Your Router: Once you have confirmed that your computer has the network adapter, make sure to configure your router according to your ISP. Go to network adapters and change your IP settings to automatic. USe Ipv4 network settings as well.

3. Change Wireless Settings: Open your web browser and type in your IP address in the URL field, this will redirect you to your router's homepage. Once on the page, go to Wireless settings and change the security type to WPA2 as it is considered to be the safest. Apply the changes and save the setting and close the window.

4. Place Your Router in a Central Position at Home: Placing your router at a correct position also makes a lot of difference, so make sure to keep it at a place where it is available for most of your device.

5. Reset Your Wifi: In case any of the above-given steps did not help you in getting to a solution, reset your router. Resetting your router will wipe all the current settings and restore it to factory reset. This will ensure that any glitch which might have occurred due to a faulty setting will be removed.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned steps helped you in finding the solution to your query, in case you have any difficulty in understanding any part, kindly revert back.

How to Connect Desktop and a Laptop by Linksys Router?

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