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How To Connect Rock Space Extender with Alexa?

Is there anyone who knows about how to connect Rock space Extender with Alexa. I am facing some issues while connecting it. Help me.
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Connect Rock Space Extender with Alexa:

Rockspace Extender is indeed preferred by many for having seamless internet connectivity across the length and breadth of their homes. This extreme specialty of Rockspace Extender gets further accentuated when it is paired with Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant.

Friends, I also paired my Rockspace with Alexa recently and witnessed an amazing internet experience as I could enjoy seamless internet connectivity in every corner of my home.

Though there are certain things to be accomplished primarily before getting your Rockspace Extender paired with Alexa, here is a complete guide that throws substantial light on how to connect Rockspace Extender with Alexa.

The Prerequisites   

Step 1: Initially, you have to take down the login details that include your WiFi ID and password.

Step 2: The next step to be performed is that you must connect your Rockspace WiFi extender with a power outlet and must allow your Rockspace extender to remain in the range of your WiFi router.

Step 3: Now establish your device connection with the Rockspace_EXT followed by entering the URL or Re.rockspace.local in your browsing application.

Step 4: Set your login password and proceed with establishing the setup.

Step 5: As a consequence of the above steps your WiFi router and extender will get connected.  

What could be better than connecting your Rockspace extender with Alexa assistant to leverage technology for an enriching internet experience?

So Just Follow the Steps Discussed Below to Get Your Rockspace Extender Paired with Alexa.

Step 1: Allow your Rockspace extender to remain connected to a power outlet.

Step 2: Now charge your Alexa and allow it to remain switched on or connect it with another power outlet.

Step 3: Download the Alexa application from Google Play Store or the Apple Store as the case may be.

Step 4: Cause your Alexa application to open and navigate the panel thereafter.

Step 5: Long hold and press the Action button on your Alexa till the time it actually starts blinking.    

Step 6: Navigate the list of all available WiFi networks and end up choosing the Rockspace Extender.

Step 7: To successfully take the setup process forward type in login credential details like login Id and password.

Step 8: As the process of setting up Rockspace with Alexa gets accomplished you can start controlling your Rockspace Extender using Alexa as your personal virtual assistant.

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