How to enable wi-fi calling on an android phone?

Now, I have switched to an Android phone and I don't know how to enable wi-fi calling on it. Thats why I posted this query and hope I will get my answer soon


Setting up Wi-Fi calling your Android phone is simple. In the first place, check the phone settings on your Ting record to turn on the Wi-Fi Calling highlight. At that point follow the direction to empower Wi-Fi calling and set your calling inclinations.

Enabling Wi-Fi Calling

To set up Wi-Fi approaching on phones:

  1. Go to your mobile's Wireless and Network Settings.
  2. Select the More or More Networks alternative
  3. Discover Wi-Fi Calling and enable

it Presently your phone is prepared to utilize Wi-Fi calling. Presently you'll need to set your Wi-Fi calling Preferences

Setting Wi-Fi Calling Preferences

To set your calling Preferences :

  1. Tap Wi-Fi calling (not the empower/impair catch)
  2. Tap Connection Preferences
  3. Look over:
  • Wi-Fi preferred - If a Wi-Fi network is accessible, your phone will utilize the Wi-Fi network instead of the cell network
  • Cell network preferred - Your phone will just utilize a Wi-Fi networks for calls if there is no cellular network accessible.
  • Never utilize cell network - Your phone will just utilize Wi-Fi systems for calls.

How to enable wi-fi calling on an android phone?

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