How to Find Default IP Address of a Router?

if you are looking for a default ip address of a router. Go through the answer you will get the solution. You will find the default ip of any router.


There are so many ways to find the default ip address of the Router. You can easily search on Google with the help of router model number. If you are unable to find the default IP of a router. I am telling you the best way to find it.

For Windows

1) Go to Start/Run

2) Type in "cmd" and hit enter


1) Click the Start button

2) Type in "command" and choose command prompt. Once you are in the command prompt:

1) Type in "ipconfig" and you will get the following screen.


2) Default Gateway is the IP address of your router. You need to enter this IP in browser address bar to login to your router. Thank you for reading this answer. Please give your valuable feedback below.

How to Find Default IP Address of a Router?

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