How to Fix Linksys Router That is Not Connecting to Internet?

I have a Linksys HG200 ADSL wireless router that can connect to the router access point. However, it does not connect to the internet. Other wireless adapters on other computers have no problems. I have tried all the typical fixes for this, such as configuring the adapter and router to a specific IP and MAC #, reducing the threshold levels and using IPCONFIG to release the IPs. When I set the adapter to use DHCP, it auto-configures the adapter to an IP that is not in the range of the router at all. One hint, when I do an IPCONFIG/Renew, it comes back with an error message indicating that it cannot do a renew because the router is not in the proper state. Can anybody give me the idea to fix this issue?

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Linksys is a company of America which designs their hardware products to users from different fields. It includes devices like wired and wireless routers, Ethernet switches, network storages, ethernet switches and much more. Routers are the electronic device which creates the connection among several computers which helps to share data and information. It makes the internet network. These products are used from business, offices to domestic purposes. It becomes very hectic when the router is not connecting to the internet. The Internet is a worldwide system which connects people globally. Technical Support helps the users to Fix Linksys Router problem and the issues related to the device. For further queries link up with our team and be satisfied. Here are some steps which will Fix Linksys Router problem while Connecting To the Internet.

  • Check for the system if it contains inbuilt wifi capability and then searches for the wireless network by clicking first on system’s properties to the device manager. After that, there will be an option for network adapters there you may find the connection type. Buy an appropriate network adapter card if the PC does not have wifi capability.
  • Place the DSL of an Internet service provider or the cables. Switch off the power cable and start making router’s connection.
  • There may be a DVD which will help to install the drivers and software. After inserting it, follow instructions given on the screen and then continue it. It will show that the router is connecting to the internet.
  • Make a connection with the proper cable. It should be inserted in the wireless router’s slot.
  • Plug in the cable to the modem and the router. It will take 5-10 minutes in making a connection with modem and router to the internet. There are numbering ports on the router, insert it in any of the port.
  • Open the browser on the device and enter ‘’ in the address bar. There will appear a login box which will ask for the username and password. Enter admin in both the fields.
  • There will be an installation page which will configure the router. If there is a need for any changes then add the network name and start the process. After that unplug the cable from the computer and check the wireless connection.




How to Fix Linksys Router That is Not Connecting to Internet?

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