How to Hook Up My Belkin Router With no Computer?

Hi I have a Belkin n300 router and i want to hook it up without laptop or PC. I am hooking it up through a frontier 7550 modem. is this possible? i have 2 of the same modems and 2 different routers. i have one router and modem hooked up to the main computer right now. but i wanna hook up the Belkin router and the other modem with out a computer to put in my room so i will have connection in their. The main router (the one hooked up now) does not have far enough signal to reach my room.

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The router is a standalone device and only require a computer for configuration purpose. Once you have configured your router then you can place it anywhere in the house without a computer as long as you have an AC power outlet present. Here I will discuss how to configure your Belkin router in simple clear steps. Follow The instructions carefully:

Without a Computer:

1. Reset your Belkin router: If you do not want to use a computer for configuration process, simply press the reset button at the back of your router for a few seconds, 30-40 to be precise and then connect it to a power source. Also, make sure to note down the SSID of your router and Password which is present at the bottom of your router.

2. Connect the Modem: Now, connect the ADSL wire coming out of the modem into the WAN port of your router and wait for few minutes to let the connection between the two devices get established.

3. Connect to the network: Once the configuration part competes in the previous step and all the LED lights on the router are stable, search for the network from your wifi settings. Click on your router name, if it asks for a password, enter the one which you have noted down from the bottom of your router device and you are good to go

Configure using a computer:

1. Connect the router to computer:
Using an Ethernet cable, connect your router to your computer. One end of the cable goes into the LAN port of your router while the other end goes into the Ethernet port of your computer. The ADSL cable goes into the WAN port of your router.

2. Login to your router settings:
Once the connection between the computer and router has been established, open your web browser and type in your IP address or default IP address of the router in the URL field and hit Enter. This will redirect you to the login page of your router, here enter "admin" in the SSID and leave the password field blank and hit Enter. This will redirect you to the main settings page.

3. Initiate setup wizard:
On the main settings page, click on the setup wizard present on the left-hand side of your screen. This will detect your type of internet connection and suggest you DNS, click Yes. This will enable your router to get the automatic IP address from your ISP. Now you have successfully configured your router.

4. Enhance Security:
Once the configuration is complete, go to security settings and change your encryption type to WPA2 as it is the strongest encryption method. Now just below that, a box for passkey is present, this your wifi password. Enter a strong password here which you can remember or note it down for future reference. Save the settings.

Once the configuration is complete you can set this router anywhere in your home without the need of a computer. Hopefully, these steps helped you in resolving the issue. In case you have any other problems feel free to revert back.


You can any device with a web browser. I manage mine with the Dolphin browser on an Android phone.

The only thing you may have a problem with is the "Network Name(SSID)". You can find out what the default name is on the tag under the base of the router. If they are both the same you may have to shut down the first router while you setup the second. The SSID's must be unique.

Below is a link to Belkin to setup without a CD. Ignore the part where you are to plug in a computer to the ethernet cable.

After you connect your phone or other device which has a browser, browse to then click on Channel and SSID and enter a new name and save.

How to Hook Up My Belkin Router With no Computer?

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