How to Install Buffalo Wireless Router?

When I first tried to set up my wireless router, I could use the internet through the router on my desktop but not the wireless. So I called the tech support. They had me change some things on buffalo's install page including a MAC address etc? and how it detected settings. I also was told to reset the router, unplug both the router and the modem, and do this several times in several different ways (I had to call twice, since my problem was not solved). After the first call, I had a connection to the network on my desktop, but it was only sending, not receiving packets, and I was unable to connect to the internet. I didn't even try the laptop. So I called again, and did the same things again (listed above). I was told to just try unplugging both again for a half hour and setting it up again.

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Buffalo routers enhance the browsing experience with most of the rapid processing speed. Most of the buffalo routers are made up of high power and have access points. Moreover these routers are usually powered by wireless technology and are known for high speed solutions mainly used for the coverage of large home network. Buffalo router builds your wireless network to a large business environment or an organization company. These wireless routers include heavy duty applications such as video streaming or as gaming console. It performs in delivering with high speed distance coverage that finishes heavy duty tasks in a real time. Here we discuss how to install buffalo wireless router following steps as mentioned below:

Step-1: First you insert the setup application disc into your PC's CD-ROM drive. When you PC will detect the disc the shield which is marked as Install Shield Wizard would appears your desktop automatically. There is a location for default file from which your computer generates the program. To store the program in the given location then click on next. This appears users to copy the installation files from the disc in order to apply the program.


Step-2: Then click to next avails at the bottom of an install shield wizard screen to start copying the program. When this portion is complete then an install shield wizard gets automatically redirect onto the screen. Then the next screen will ask you to add desktop icon. Then click to yes to persist and according to this finalize the setup application.


Step-3: Click to finish after completing install shield wizard screen setup. Your PC will automatically get shut down and makes your new software to restart along with it settings. After restarting your device test the new software by establishing the wireless connection. You can go by clicking the client manager icon which is available at the desktop screen. When the application is loaded the click at which is marked as file and is located in the upper left corner and then click to manual avails in the submenu? This appears an option for manual settings. Then click to scan the display for network connection available.


Step- 4: Select the network which you would like to connect and then click to Ok. Now you will promptly to verify your network connectivity. Then click to IP address and then hit enter to your WEP key information. Then to configure the network connection option and click on Ok. This indicates notification screen for a successful network connection.

Above steps are easy by doing step-by-step instructions that as manually. This is an easiest way to install Buffalo Wireless Router by following these steps.

How to Install Buffalo Wireless Router?

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