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How to Install DD-WRT Firmware on Your Router?

Hello, Please let me know that how to install DD-WRT firmware on your router. I am facing some issue in this. Help me.
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Install DD-WRT Firmware on Your Router:

Have you noticed that routers never function the way they are actually programmed? As per the facts, very few routers are able to perform what they are built to do because the stock firmware they come with is aimed at basic use.

The firmware is not fully utilizing the installed hardware which keeps the devices easy to use and user-friendly as possible. To work beyond the accepted standards, you can install DD-WRT firmware on your router.

Generally, every router follows a different installation process mainly due to the difference in their user interface. Though the overall process is similar and covers the same basic steps. However, there are chances that your router has a bit different installation process. So, it is recommended to do some research on your specific router.

Prerequisites to Install DD-WRT Firmware on Your Router-

1. DD-WRT Compatible Router: Every router cannot work with DD-WRT firmware. So, before proceeding with the installation process, you need to check whether your device is compatible or not. For this, you need to visit the DD-WRT website and enter the device name to find out the compatibility.

If your search is not giving you any results, then search your router name in the list of supported devices. Still, if you are left with negative results, then it's probably because there is no DD-WRT firmware for your router. In such a case, you have to purchase a supported router.

2. DD-WRT Firmware: This is the firmware that you will use to flash your router as discussed in the post.

3. Ethernet Cable: It is recommended to install DD-WRT firmware on your router using some wired connections. This will avoid changing your wireless settings in the mean period of the installation.

4. Time: Yes, of course, you will have to dedicate a little of your time to this installation task. Moreover, it's important to regularly monitor the whole process in case there is a potential problem with the installation.

Steps to Install DD-WRT Firmware on Your Router-

Step 1: Download the DD-WRT Firmware

The first step involved to install DD-WRT firmware on your router is to download the firmware file from the official website. If your device is compatible with DD-WRT, then you will easily find it below the search bar on the DD-WRT database.

Here, click on it to check the list of available firmware and then choose the latest stable build for download purposes.

Step 2: Setup the Hardware Configuration

Next, you can connect your router to the PC with a LAN cable. Go to the admin page by entering the router's IP address on your browser search bar. Mostly, the routers are set to or but in case they don't work, you can retrieve the IP from your command prompts.

For this, you can run the command prompt as an admin and enter the following given command: ‘ipconfig/all’. This step displays your router’s IP address as the default gateway.

Depending on your router, you can enter the corresponding username and password in order to log in. For most of the routers, use ‘admin’ as the username and ‘password’ as the password. Optionally, you can confirm this from your router manual or official website.

Step 3: Upgrade the Router Firmware

Once you login to your router, jump to the update router/firmware upgrade section. This is present on the advanced bar of the administrator menu. At this point, you will be asked to select the firmware upgrade file. So, you can browse the folder in which the downloaded DD-WRT firmware is saved and then select it.

You may get a warning whether if you want to continue with the installation or not. If you are confident, proceed with the selected file that is indeed the correct firmware for your router. The installation process will then start automatically.

Remember, you don't have to unplug and switch off the router during the installation as that may break it. So, here you completely install DD-WRT firmware on your router and the firmware is upgraded. Next, you can restart the router if it doesn't happen on its own.

Step 4: End Up the Process

Once the router is powered on, type the router’s IP address in the browser again to access the DD-WRT router admin page. You will be asked to set a new router username and password. Decide a password that can be easily remembered else you will have to reset the router again.

So finally, you have installed the DD-WRT firmware on your router. Now, you can easily access and use the complete set of features offered by this integrated custom firmware.

Hope this guide to install DD-WRT firmware on your router works successfully with your router.

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