How to power cycle your modem and router?

Hello everyone, I don’t get the internet through the modem or the router then I want to use power cycle my router and tried many times but unable to solve this issue. So can one have any solution how to power cycle my modem and router

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If we don’t get the internet through the modem or the router, we usually power cycle the modem and router to get back the internet access again.

Here’s some steps to power cycle the device ( modem & router )

  • First, just shut down completely your modem and router also ( remove the power adopter cable from the modem and the router )

Remove the power adopter cable

  • check that every light on the modem and router get off now.

Router Get Off

  • Now remove the ethernet cable from the router which is coming through your modem and remove it also from the modem, so both ends of the ethernet cable should be free.

Ethernet Cable Plug

  • There’s a coax cable connected at the back the side of the modem, just plug out that cable.
  • Wait at least for 10 – 20 seconds to shut down completely your devices.
  • Now plug the ethernet cable back into the modem and the other end into the router.
  • Now connect the coax cable into the modem.
  • And at the last connect your power adopter cable to get the power supply in your modem and router.

Connect Power Adopter cable

  • Check all lights on the modem and router it would be blink for sometime after that your internet lights will turn into the solid green which indicates you are getting the internet.

Internet Access All Devices

  • Now you can reconnect your wifi and get the internet access in your devices.
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How to power cycle your modem and router?

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