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How to Protect Your WiFi from Neighbors?

Please let me know that how to protect your wifi from neighbors. I am trying to do this many time. But fail. Help me.

Protect your WiFi from Neighbors:

If somebody has gotten hooked up his mobile device to your Wi-Fi it may be evident in the form of slow internet speed. This might not sound so serious but it may still bother you as the situation of others connecting with your Wi-Fi may lead to the propagation of some malicious activity in your name to prevent which you will definitely like to protect your Wi-Fi from neighbors.

Here is a detailed walkthrough that throws light on how you can protect your Wi-Fi from neighbors by using either of the ways mentioned in this quick guide.

Make an Attempt to Change the Password of Your WiFi

If you notice that someone is eating into your Wi-Fi’s bandwidth you must promptly change the password of your Wi-Fi which would probably help you protect your Wi-Fi from neighbors.

It is also observed that your Wi-Fi becomes easily recognizable if you use the default username which makes a strong case that you should also resort to changing the name of your Wi-Fi username so that your Wi-Fi doesn’t get recognized by any person willing to trespass into your Wi-Fi network.

You can also Update your WiFi Router’s Firmware

Internet intruders may exploit any patch of earlier bug that may have existed in your router’s firmware thereby putting you at the risk of being a victim of some illegal activity carried out in your name.

So, to avoid any such inconveniences you must update your router’s firmware and eventually cause to protect your Wi-Fi from neighbors.

Hiding your SSID is also a Possible Option 

It is quite evident that your Wi-Fi network consistently becoming visible happens to be the root cause of your neighbors intruding into your personal Wi-Fi. This can ideally be fixed by making an endeavor to hide your router’s SSID which will not just keep the wrongdoers at bay but will also help you protect your Wi-Fi from neighbors always.

Selecting a Router that Supports WPA3 Wireless Security Protocol

Most old routers do not support the WPA3 internet security protocol but while choosing the router you must preferably choose one that supports the WPA3 wireless security protocol as the WPA3 standard happens to be a sophisticated wireless security protocol that is truly capable of helping you protect your Wi-Fi from neighbors.

Don’t Forget to Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

If you seriously work on some confidential data back in your home then it becomes advisable that you continue to use a VPN as it will not just enhance your online security but will also pave way for hiding your IP addresses from the reach of intruders which will undoubtedly help you protect your Wi-Fi from neighbors.

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How to Protect Your WiFi from Neighbors

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