How to Put a Password on a DLink Wireless Router?

Your D-Link router's browser-based wireless settings give you the option to reset the wireless security key which is a quick fix for a forgotten password. To access these settings you must first log in to the setup utility which requires the router's password. Forgetting this password is more problematic because there's no way to reset just the password. Instead you must reset the D-Link router to restore factory defaults. All your settings will be lost but the default blank password will be restored so you can again access the setup utility.

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In the manual that came with your router there should be instructions for setting up "WPA" encryption.

If you do not have the manual you can download it from the router manufacturer's web site.

You will need to install the WPA "code" number into both the router and any computer that receives it's internet signal via WIFI.

To accomplish the above you will need to access your router via it's IP address.

You can find this IP by opening the Command Prompt and typing "ipconfig/all" without the quotes and then hit enter.

The router should be listed as your "DHCP" server. Once you have determined the IP of the router it can be accessed by typing the IP (usually 192.168.X.X). The last two munbers could be .1.1 or .2.1 etc into you browser's address bar. Then click "Go" or hit "Enter.

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You ever wonder why most of the "password" questions come from new users (usually their first post to Tom's it seems). That being the case we all know that discussions on how to by-pass security measures are not allowed on Tom's. The OP should simply ask the network owner for the password.

The password is stored in the D-Link router in the in the routers security section/tab. The encryption type and passphrase are configued when logged into the router via the admin account. Some of you may be referring to the router's PIN that is sometimes on a label attached to some routers.

That PIN must be enabled in the router for it to work. BTW from the same admin account used to configure the wireless security settings. Seems this thread has gone all over the place except to tell the OP where to get the information from. Just ask for it from the legitimate network owner or get your internet service provider.

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How to Put a Password on a DLink Wireless Router?

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