How to Replace WiFi Dongle with Wireless Router?

My PC has internet access through a WiFi dongle but I want to switch to a router for faster data transfer between local devices. I've plugged my Belkin AC1200 DB router into my PC and it registers as "Unidentified Network" but I've been unable to find any way to configure the router for use. The router didn't come with any kind of disk based software the instructions just say to plug it in and go to "http://router" but this doesn't bring anything up. My PC is on the opposite side of the house from where our primary router and modem are which is why I can't physically connect to it.


If you want to connect WiFi Dongle with wireless Router then please follow these instruction step by step:-
Step 1- Please open your DOS terminal.
Step 2- Check the Availability.
Step 3- Creating WiFi Hotspot
Step 4- Check the Status:- No Network Access? or No Internet Access?
Now click the Control Panel - Network and Internet — Network and Sharing Center
Click on Internet Connection which you want to share (Broadband Connection)
Properties — Sharing Tab-VIDEO STREAMINGCheck Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection..
And in drop down list select your virtual adapter’s (WiFi Hotspot’s) connection..
You are done

How to Replace WiFi Dongle with Wireless Router?

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