How to Reset a Buffalo Link station Pro Duo?

Plz help, i dont no what happened but i accedantaly changed the password, on my router, now i cant connect any devices to it, now i neet to know how to reset the password to the default. Thanks


In today's life Buffalo technology becomes more trustworthy and more reliable for regular customers. Buffalo technologies are providing wide range for home office use as well as for personal use. If you might have problems then there is no need to compromise with your network. If you are try to reset a buffalo link station Pro Duo sought out all issues whatever is having into your device. Buffalo users may reset their Link Station with the help of using device's initialization feature. Although these reset settings will make restore all your settings return back to their default configuration. Read these reset steps and follow this by manually:

  1. Firstly make turn off the power switch to your off position. And shut down your Link Station. Not more than 90 seconds for getting your computers shut down.BUFFALO ROUTER SUPPORT
  2. Press the function button and then turn back on the machine. This indicates you LED flash blue light on the Link Station and although function button is located at the back of the Link Station and the function LED is available on the front side of the Link Station.RESET A BUFFALO LINK STATION PRO DUO
  3. To get an immediate reset just hold down the button for 6-10 sec this will flashing the function LED. Then the machine will automatically reset.Buffalo Router Technical Support
  4. If you want to make some new changes then go to the menu panel and then make adjustments according to you.

Hope you will enjoy and able to reset a buffalo Link Station Pro Duo. Just follows these instructions step-by-step and strictly as accordingly this completes your Link Statin fast quick and easiest way.

How to Reset a Buffalo Link station Pro Duo?

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