How to Secure My NETGEAR Wireless Network?

Hie I am using Netgear router since 2015 that time it was working fine bout now my wireless router is not secure connection dropping, Password Setup etc that's t why i want to do secure it by the help of Netgear Technical or Customer Support.

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By securing your netgear router you can stop others to access your files and internet connection. Also you can protect your network from intruders. Simply follow some steps to make your netgear router secure and only reliable people will be able to access your network.

Here is the Solution:

1. Change your netgear wireless router settings and configuration page. Open web browser and type




2. This address will be redirect you to a page where you will be asked to enter the username and password.

3. You can use "admin" as your username and "password" as your password. Press enter.

4. After logging in to your router, you need to change your default username and password to make it more secure.

However you can set a unique username and password according to you.

To Change Your Username and Password:

Go to "wireless setting" under setup.

Click to"Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)". This is a type of wireless proection.

Now you can enter the password you want to set for your netgear router. Click save.

After making all the settings restart your netgear router and set up the pasword protection.

Securing your Netgear wireless router protects your home network from intruders and is an important stage if you want to stop others accessing your files, folders or Internet connection. While all Netgear routers act slightly differently, you can generally secure the Wi-Fi using a password (or new password if the default one is set), using the same method for each. If you have lost the original documentation that came with your Netgear device, you can use these generic Netgear instructions to secure your Wi-Fi network.
Step 1: Launch an Internet browser and type "" into the address bar.

Step 2 : Enter the router username and password when prompted. The default user name is "admin". The default password is "password".

Step 3 : If you are using the Smart Wizard, on the left-hand navigation bar, Select Wireless Settings under Setup (shown below).
If you are using the genie user interface, click on the ADVANCED tab. Choose Wireless Setup below Setup. Make sure to change the mode of the network to "Up to 54Mbps" so that WEP will appear under Security Options. For dual-band routers, you will need to configure the 2.4GHz wireless network only. This mode is not available on the 5GHz wireless network settings.

Step 4 : Under Security Options, select WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy). From Security Encryption (WEP) > Authentication Type, select Automatic. From Security Encryption (WEP) > Encryption Strength, select 64-bit or 128-bit. From Security Encryption (WEP) Key, select Key 1 and enter a key. If you selected 64-bit under Security Encryption (WEP) > Encryption Strength, then enter 10 hexadecimal digits for your key.

Step 5 : If you selected 128-bit under Security Encryption (WEP) > Encryption Strength, then enter 26 hexadecimal digits for your key. Save or keep note of these values. They will be required to connect wirelessly to your network.

Step 6 : Click Apply to save the settings.

How to Secure My NETGEAR Wireless Network?

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