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How to set up a linksys wireless router?

I am having problem in setting up my linksys wireless router ? Plz help......



Mostly peoples are more comfortable to use wireless router from which Linksys Router is one of them. Here the method is described for setup a Linksys wireless router is too simple and reliable. This needs your wireless router to be physically connection setup. First of all connect your wireless router with physical setup. People who switched to wireless routers are mainly used for their official such as business organization that they can able to work anywhere or at any time.

Step-1 first of all plug on the power supply into the wall socket along with modem and router. Before setting your wireless router connection you must need to connect an Ethernet Cable with modem's Ethernet port to a WAN or to an Internet port onto the router. Using numbered ports connect your router with an Ethernet cable to setup the process. After configure your security settings connect wireless network.


Step-2 to establish the router connection it must need to require the Media Access Control which can easily identify the computers subscriber. If a connection needs computers MAC address then the router has already MAC cloning tool that can trace automatically your MAC address.

Step-3 Let's change the SSID settings. To change the SSID settings a tool mainly used for deterring users on Linksys wired connections. In the main menu click to wireless and choose wireless network name SSID field. Type a name into your network's SSID. This name is given in your wireless network lists it's easy to identify at its best by own. After type a name and select the disable button for wireless SSID broadcast after completing this then save your settings.


Step-4 Now Check Security Settings. In the main menu choose wireless security tab and click WEP in the given security mode from the drop down menu. Then choose 126 bits 26 hex digits from the given main menu and in the passphrase field type the new password. Make sure the password generated by you is strong and consists of alphanumeric characters. Type a new strong password that is easy to remember and after creating password click to save the settings.


This completes your Linksys Wireless Setup. Users who are more demanded a wireless router provides them great router signals with high internet speed. Above steps will help you to setup a wireless router by within a few minutes.

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