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How to Setup Belkin Router as a Range Extender?

I am facing low bandwidth issues with my Belkin router and because of this problem, I want to set up Belkin router as A Range extender. But I am not aware what method should be followed to set up Belkin router to extend coverage area so that I can enjoy enough WiFi signal strength in every corner of my house. Please help me to set up my Belkin device as an access point connected by ethernet to the router so that low signal strength issue gets resolved.

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Use Belkin Router as a Range Extender:

Step 1 : First of all, you have to connect your PC to Belkin router via an ethernet cable. You have to plug an ethernet cable into the port that is labeled as "LAN".

Step 2 : Launch internet browser and then type "" in the address bar. Then you are redirected to a login page where you have to enter the password and then click on Login button.

Step 3 : Now you are redirected to Belkin router setup page where you have to note down your router's MAC address that is listed under LAN settings (Status page).

Step 4 : Next, click on "Channel and SSID" and note down SSID and channel number.

Step 5 : After this, click on Wireless Bridging that is located on the left pane (under Wireless).

Step 6 : Press a click on the checkbox that is next to "Enable Wireless Bridging". Also, click on the checkbox that is next to "Enable only specific access point to connect".

Step 7 : In the list of boxes next to AP1, you have to type Belkin router's MAC address.If you are using another router then enter its MAC address in the "AP2".

Step 8 : Save the overall changes.


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Use Belkin Router as a Range Extender:

Routers have an approximate range of 100 ft, so if you live in a larger home, chances are you might not get abundant signal strength in certain corners of your house.

You can use an old Belkin router as an Range extender to bounce the signal off it and provide you with greater signal strength all around the house.

Setup Belkin Router as a Range Extender:

Step 1 : Connect your Belkin router to your computer with the help of an Ethernet cable. One end of the cable will go inside the LAN Port of your Belkin router while the other end goes into the Ethernet port on your computer.

Step 2 : Switch On your Pc and open the web browser, type in the gateway address, if this does not work, you can make use of the Command prompt. type ipconfig and Enter, you will see the local IP address.

Step 3 : You will be redirected to the login page of your Belkin router, enter the username and password as provided by the manufacturer to get access to the main settings page.

Step 4 : Once on the main settings page, click on Wireless settings from the side menu and then click on Wireless bridging.

Step 5 : You can set your Belkin router as an extender for a specific Access Point to connect by checking the ENable box.

Step 6 : Now go to the internet settings and disable DHCP as it would receive the signal from the main router. You need to manually enter the IP address in the same range as your main router.

Step 7 : Change other details like wireless password and main password as per the main router settings. Save all the changes made into your Belkin router and remove the connection. Now place it in the range of your main router and power it on.

It will receive the signal from the main router and bounce it off to give you a better range even in the nooks and corners of the house.

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