How to Setup Belkin Router Password?

I bought wireless Belkin Router and set it up with my Desktop and also using one laptop on wireless connection. It never ask to set up password, one of my friend visted our home and he connected his laptop on wireless connection without any password. Now I m worried that some body around my house might be using our internet services through wireless connection. Help is required to set password that no one else can access to out internet without authorisation. Thanks


Hello. This is an excellent question. I have a belkin router as well. in your address bar in you internet browser (internet explorer netscape etc.) type in "". This will bring up your router configuration page. Go to the section that lets you set a password. It is probably under wireless security and set a password or "network key". If it asks what kind of security you want (eg. WPA WEP etc.), I would simply choose WPA. It is not the strongest security but it is the easiest to setup and unless you live in a densely populated area ( e.g. new york apartment) it is all you should ever need.

Your Belkin wireless router's security settings controls access to your wireless network such as leaving it unsecured or encrypting it to block unauthorized access. Although it may sound like a good gesture to open up your network to all there are too many problems that can arise from doing so such as having your computer hacked or being responsible for another person's illegal activities. Therefore if your network is unsecured it's a good idea to change your security settings.

Step 1: Open your browser and enter your Belkin router's IP address in the address bar. Belkin typically uses "" If you previously changed the IP address open a Command Prompt and enter "ipconfig" Look for "Default Gateway" for the router's IP address.

Step 2: Click "Login" to access the administration page. By default the password is blank but if you previously changed the password enter the new password.

Step 3: Click the "Wireless" tab and select "Encryption" or "Security".

Step 4: Click the "Security Mode" drop-down menu and select your preferred security protocol. "WPA2" offers the highest level of security but may not be available on all routers or compatible with older hardware. "WEP" is less secure but more compatible with older hardware.

Step 5: Enter a long complex security passphrase in the password field.

Step 6: Click "Apply Changes".

How to Setup Belkin Router Password?

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