How to setup dlink wifi router?

I have a dlink wifi router and a mtnl triband internet connection. The mtnl modem is of ADSL2+ type.(Model no-sam 300ax..Company-Sterlite.). Now how do i do the entire setup ??

Step 1: Disconnect the modem from its power adapter. Connect an Ethernet cable to the modem. Step 2: Plug the other end of the cable into the "Internet" port on the back of the wireless router. Step 3: Connect the computer to a LAN port on the D-Link. Connect the modem and the router to a power outlet. Basic Configuration Step 1: Navigate to the address "" or "https://dlinkrouter" in a Web browser to access the setup wizard. Step 2: Choose your connection type from the options. Most Ethernet connections use DHCP. Click "Connect". Step 3: Enter the username and password for your Internet service into the appropriate fields or fill in the IP Address Subnet Mask Gateway Address and Primary DNS Server fields if applicable. Step 4: Click "Connect" to set up the network on the D-Link.
Step 1: Choose "Configure" from under Wireless Settings. Click "Wireless Connection Setup Wizard." Click "Next". Step 2: Enter a name for the network into the Wireless Network Name (SSID) field and then choose "Automatically Assign a Network Key" from the options. Step 3: Select "Use WPA Encryption Instead of WEP" for the best security and then click "Next". Write down the security password shown on-screen and store the password in a secure location. Step 4: Click "Save" to finish configuring the router. After the router automatically reboots disconnect the router's Ethernet connection from the computer if desired.

How to setup dlink wifi router?

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