How To Setup Netgear Wireless Router?

I have a Netgear router. It was set up so I have internet on my laptop but awall switch wiped out the connection by accident. How do i get it reconnected? Its a bear! I don't Know where to find my security code etc. Help please!!!

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Follow the steps........

Step 1: Find a suitable location for the wireless router. Select an elevated central position that's close to a power outlet and offers optimal wireless reception across as much of your home or office as possible. Don't place the router on the floor under a desk or near household appliances and other large metallic objects because these can interfere with the wireless signal and block reception.

Step 2: Peel off the protective film cover from the sides of the router.

Step 3: Clip the router into the supplied stand.

Step 4: Insert the Resource CD into the computer's drive. The program starts automatically. Click the "Setup" option in the program window.

Step 5: Click the "Yes" button when the Smart Wizard prompts you to download and install the latest firmware updates for the router.

Step 6: Follow the onscreen instructions in the Smart Wizard to set up the router. During this process you connect the router to your DSL socket or cable modem and also connect the LAN socket on your computer to a LAN port on the router with the supplied Ethernet cable. You also plug the router's AC adapter into the power outlet and power on the device. The Smart Wizard then guides you through connecting the router to the Internet setting up your wireless network and configuring security protection for the network.

Step 7: Wait for the Smart Wizard to complete the installation procedure and automatically close the program window. The Smart Wizard adds a "Router_Setup.html" file and router login shortcut to your computer's desktop so that you can view the Netgear router's settings.




How To Setup Netgear Wireless Router?

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