How to Setup Zyxel Wireless Router?

Hello, Please let m know that how to setup zyxel wireless router. I bought this Zyxel router but don't know about it setting up. Help me in this problem.

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For Zyxel Users Wanting to Setup their Zyxel Wireless Router without Delay, Here are the Following Steps:

setup a Zyxel wireless router

Step 1 : To begin with, link up the internet cable to the Zyxel router.

Step 2 : Access your favourite web browser.

Step 3 : Write “” in the address bar, before clicking “Enter.”

Step 4 : The minute you are prompted to enter the administrator password, write Username=admin and password=1234.

Step 5 : Later, click “Login.”

Step 6 : Insert the password into the New Password

Step 7 : Verify New Password boxes.

Step 8 : Once Quick Start Wizard starts automatically, click Next.

Step 9 : At this point, click the “Go to Wizard Setup” link.

Step 10 : Click your favoured language.

Step 11 : Click “Next

Step 12 : Write a unique network name in the “Name (SSID)” field.

Step 13 : Click “Next.”

Step 14 : A small dialog box comes into view; it shows the “Pre-Shared Key” value. Take note of this value.

Step 15 : Click the “OK” button.

Step 16 : Choose your broadband connection type.

Step 17 : Supposing the software does not detect it automatically, click “Next.

Step 18 : Pick out “PPP over Ethernet” or “PPTP” connection.

Zyxel Login Pass Page:

  1. Insert your username and password in the corresponding fields (your ISP provides these values); if you do not have them, at that time, give a call to your ISP- Internet Service Provider)
  2.  Opt for the “Get Automatically From ISP” option.
  3.  Factory reset Zyxel router
  4.  Click “Factory Default” option appearing in the “WAN MAC Address” window.
  5.  Click “Next.”
  6.  Later, click “Apply.”
  7.  Pause for a few minutes so that the router reboots and afterward, apply the configuration changes.
  8.  Expose a new tab or window in your web browser.
  9.  Click on wireless setting.
  10.  At this point, the current Wireless Network Name (SSID) and the Password for the wireless connection are described in detail; take note of these details.

Additional Ways to Setup Zyxel Router:

How to Set up a Wireless Router Zyxel P660HW-T1 V2 (Version2) by Means of a Browser?
  1.  Launch a browser and write in the address bar
  2.  In case the router was purchased from True, type in admin as password; supposing that the router was bought from a different IT shop, the password would be 1234.
With the Condition that the Password is not Keyed in, You can Still Visit the Configuration Page but cannot Alter.

1. Decide on your desired type of settings from:

i. Wizard setup
ii. Select Advance setup

2. If the Wizard page comes into view, click Exit to visit Advance Setup
3. The 1st Configuration page becomes visible.
4. If the Username Login is approved, the whole menu will come into sight.
5. In case a Username was not typed in, there will be a menu on the left, that is to say, Menu > Network, Maintenance
6. You’ll observe that the Host Name is True P-660HW-T1 V2 and the SSID will be true_homewifi. It is a sign of real router firmware.
7. If it is not a True router, at that time, the host name will be something like P-660HW-T1 V2 and the SSID will be equal to Zexel.
8. Click Wan below Network and the configuration page becomes visible.
9. Type in the Username / Password.
10. Click Apply.

How to Arrange a ZyXEL NBG-419N Router to Use with SC Telecom Broadband Internet Service?

Here are the Following Steps:
  1.  Put in the antennas to the router by way of tightening them in a clockwise direction.
  2.  Join the routers WAN or Internet port to the modem's Ethernet port, or the cable entering via the wall for fibre.
  3.  Link up an Ethernet cable from a port, marked 1, 2, 3, or 4 to your computer's Ethernet port.
  4.  Join the delivered power cable into the router. Next, attach the other end into your power outlet.
  5.  Click Login.
  6.  Click 'Connect to Internet.'
  7. This section will take a bit of time because the router finds out the modem or other connection.
  8.  The router will request for the connection type in the drop-down menu, next to the 'Internet Connection Type.'
  9.  Opt for DHCP or Dynamic.
  10.  Click Next to continue.
  11.  Hang around while the router syncs up with the SC telecom servers.
  12.  This password is for Administrator access to the router. Replace this with your preferred password.
  13.  After that, click Next.
  14.  At this point, establish your wireless name and password if you desire. WPA2 Personal or WPA2 PSK is suggested. The password will require eight or extra characters.
  15.  Click Next to carry on.
  16.  Click OK to complete the setup.

You are entirely equipped to connect to the Internet and have the benefit of your SC telecom internet service.

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How to Setup Zyxel Wireless Router?

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