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How to Use a Belkin Wireless G Router as a Range Booster Access Point?

Hey people I need help with this I have beetel adsl2+router connected to my main computer through ethernet cable but its wifi signal is very low. Its signal hardly reach the other end of my house where my bedroom is and I want to surf on my laptop or mobile from my bedroom only so basically I want to extend my wifi range or boost the signal.

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Belkin Wireless G router is one of the most popular router brands which allows you to connect with a broadband connection without using any cables. Although these Belkin wireless G routers are designed in a stunning manner also much bit heavy. These Belkin wireless G routers are available in wide range including various excellent features in such a way that users can functioned easily with the help of indicating to all the ports clearly and convenient to handle. When you are starting installation of Belkin wireless G router it automatically guides users in each and every step and would never be concludes any difficulties.

Apart from others. The Belkin wireless G router is a primarily intended that is used as a central connection point mainly at your home or office network. If you have enough devices for connecting to a network through which a single router does not provide them then you may use another range booster access point which is named as repeater. This repeater allows to extend a large network range. Moreover if you have already Belkin wireless G router then there is no requirement to purchase a new separate repeater and also this can be act as a range booster access point.

Step-1 First you set your Belkin wireless G router towards edge of the current page limit. Get power on and connect it to your router's plug which is into the wall outlet. Now insert the software CD into the disc drive which comes along with Belkin router. Wait for a few seconds to appeared the installation wizard and then get installation process from the Belkin router software.

Step-2 Once your installation is finished then open your favourite web browser. Now type the string of numbers into the address bar and press enter. Then it appears for login credentials at the centre of the screen. Type admin to both the fields as username and password respectively. Then click on the login screen to access the Belkin wireless G router.BELKIN WIRELESS G ROUTER AS A RANGE BOOSTER ACCESS POINT

Step-3 At the LAN setup heading click to LAN settings which is provided at the top of the left side of the window. In the centre of the screen click on the text box includes wireless router's IP address. Then erase the last number in the given IP address. Type in a numeric such that the digit is higher than the amount of device on your network such as "˜65' if there is total device "˜64' in your whole network.Belkin Router Technical Support

Step-4 Now scroll down the DHCP server which is underneath of the IP address text box. Click to the radio button labelled as Turn Off. Then click to the DNS link as located underneath the internet WAN given heading at the left side of the screen. Then find where the radio box as labelled Disable Forwarding. Then click to radio box.ROUTER TECH SUPPORT

Step-5 Select the security button that is located below the heading of windows. In the drop down menu select port forwarding which is located in the middle of the windows. Purge all the IP address as listed in the text boxes. Find and click the radio button labelled as Gateway.BELKIN ROUTER

Step-6 In the below heading of firewall which is marked as Application Gateways select disable firewall. Click on apply settings button which is mentioned below the windows and close the browser to use Belkin wireless G router which act as a range boosting access point.

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How to Use a Belkin Wireless G Router as a Range Booster Access Point?

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