How to Use Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router Without a CD?

I bought what I thought was a new wireless router off, but it turns out it is used as it has a goodwill price tag on the bottom. Thus, not all pieces to install this router were included and so I have no CD to guide me through the setup process and install the drivers needed on my computer. Can anyone walk me through how to and where to install drivers for this router as well as how to set it up after it is plugged in and hooked up to my internet modem and computer? I have a PC with windows XP and my ISP is time warner cable. ***I have already gone to the website and configured the router. I can connect to this website, but I cannot connect to the internet or go to websites such as google even after configuring the router. Do I need to do something else to make sure that the internet works or is it more likely that this router just doesn't work correctly?

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First of all, choose WPA2 Personal from the drop-down and set your password. Don't change any other setting. It's not needed. Get to save all your settings right now. You now have a password protected network.

If you are not directly connected to the router here too, you may get disconnected. You will need to reconnect to the network, and type in the new password this time, when prompted. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, go to Connect To and right-click the network, then select Properties. Now configure the security settings for the network on your computer. If you have typed the right password, you will be easily able to connect to the wireless network now.

The next step is to secure your router's settings. You don't want your non-geek family members messing around this browser-based router interface. To set up the router password, go to the Administration main tab. Here, just edit the Router Password and retype it. Save the settings, and this seems to be very good.

Thus, now you have set the router up! You have a functioning wireless Internet connection in your house, that is completely secure! You can now surf the web and play online games from anywhere in your house. And it did not even require the disc that everyone needs to do this. We hopefully think that the above solution will may help you.

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How to Use Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router Without a CD?

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