HP MSR ADSL Setup Help?

Hello guys! I purchased HP MSR935 router from Flipkart and it is an A series router running HP Comware. But the problem is I'm having trouble with my ASDSL2+ my Internet connection. After adding WAN interface as ATM 0/0 for PPoEoA and I can connect to my ISP. However, I have not any idea why my router does not route internal address to the Internet. I have added a Dynamic NAT entry for the ATM 0/0 Interface but still my HP router is not working. In fact, I have not added any VLAN interfaces to assign the host IP address. Please help me what can I do?

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Follow these steps to setup HP MSR ADSL router -

  1. First of all, open the web browser and then type your ADSL router’s IP address in the browser’s address bar. Hit Enter. Although the default IP address of ADSL router is “” but it may vary according to your router’s model, so check IP address carefully.
  2. In the next step, you have to enter login details i.e., username & password. Then tap on Login.
  3. After logging into router’s settings, you have to click on Setup tab that is located on the topside. Then move to the left side and click on “Connection 1”.
  4. Now, you have to configure following for your connection -
    • Type – Set your connection type to PPPoA
    • Name - Enter a unique name for the connection
    • Options – You have to enable NAT & Firewall options
    • Encapsulation – Set it to VC
    • Username – Type that login username that is provided by your ISP
    • Password – Type a login password that is provided by your ISP
    • Keep Alive – Leave it as default
    • MAX Fail - Leave it as default
    • MRU - Leave it as default
    • Set Route – You have to enable set router option
    • VPI – Set it to ISP recommended settings
    • VCI - Set it to ISP recommended settings
    • QoS – Leave it to default value
    • PCR - Leave it to default value
    • SCR - Leave it to default value
  5. After making these changes, click on Apply button.
  6. Then move to the top side and click on Status tab. After this, click on Connection Status that is present on the left side. You can also check connection information in the WAN section.
  7. Move to the top side and then click on Tools. Then click on System Commands (left side).
  8. At last, save the changes permanently by clicking on Apply button.
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HP MSR ADSL Setup Help?

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