HP vs Cisco?

I was going to go with HP 4208vl but now it looks like HP is only offering a 3 year warranty instead of lifetime? Now I am thinking of stacking a couple of Cisco 2960s with the flex stack module. The HP switching capacity is 76.8 Gbps and the Cisco stack would be 40 Gbps up to 80 Gbps if you stack 4.

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I hope HP isn't dropping their lifetime warranty. That is one reason why we and a lot of our customers use them not to mention they are super easy to set up.

We use two Juniper EX4200's for our core switch they are stacked up so I don't think you'll find a difference between the modular switch and a stackable switch.

If both of these switches meet your requirements I would go with whichever has a better warranty and would work better for you. I find the CLI to be nearly the same with HP and Cisco.

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HP vs Cisco?

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