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I need help with resetted zyxel router not working?

Hey guys!

Before I start, I have to let you know that I'm definitely not an expert in networking or anything related, actually. But I'll do my best.

Today I had the great idea to update the firmware of my router but soon came to realise i'd forgotten my password for the web-based configuration page. I therefore resat it and then hell broke lose.
I could easily login to the page now, but the router can not connect to the internet now. The Power LED is constantly green, the WLAN/VPS is green and the DSL is orange. Internet LED is off.

I use a ZyXel VMG1312-B10A.

I've tried to read the manual but it's just nonsense for me. It had me configuring with som WAN things and some other stuff I haven't really heard about, ever.

Is it possible that any of you guys can point out the obvious or tell me what could be wrong? Any points in the right direction is appreciated.

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