I Need Help With Resetted Zyxel Router Not Working?

Hey guys! Before I start, I have to let you know that I'm definitely not an expert in networking or anything related, actually. But I'll do my best. Today I had the great idea to update the firmware of my router but soon came to realise i'd forgotten my password for the web-based configuration page. I therefore resat it and then hell broke lose. I could easily login to the page now, but the router can not connect to the internet now. The Power LED is constantly green, the WLAN/VPS is green and the DSL is orange. Internet LED is off. I use a ZyXel VMG1312-B10A. I've tried to read the manual but it's just nonsense for me. It had me configuring with som WAN things and some other stuff I haven't really heard about, ever. Is it possible that any of you guys can point out the obvious or tell me what could be wrong? Any points in the right direction is appreciated.

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Zyxel routers are one of the most fastest router device that helped users to share their data from one place to other at a specific network. Facing difficulties in resetting or when your Zyxel router stops working?

Just go through the below steps that might solved your issue within a few decades.

  1. when Zyxel wireless routers do not work then there can be many reasons -may be your are not getting the internet from your internet services provider or may be it’s just your Zyxel.
  2. So let’s try some steps and see if this can be fixed –
  3. Now make a fresh restart of a Zyxel wireless router wait for like 2 min then reboot your computer or device that you would like to hook up with the Zyxel wireless system.
  4.  Open the Zyxel setup page using the default gateway type cmd and then in cmd type it as to config and now you will see the default gateway IP.
  5. try changing the channel and settings. you may also want to change the password and SSID.
  6. Save the settings and reboot the wireless router, users can now able to connect your devices.
  7. if nothing works or fails then reset the router and setup it again or do it again by using in a simplest manner.
  8. when Zyxel router does not work or suddenly stops working while connecting or sharing network to the other one, as mentioned and explained a few steps that you might want to follow to solve this Zyxel blinking orange problem glitches.

Before thinking any, perform a hard reset of a Zyxel modem into a device, by following points as described:-

I will suggest you not to try that because then you would have to go through with your ISP or service man.

Try below instructions as:-

1) In Zyxel routers. Located to the back of your device press, the reset key with the help of a using paper clip or any thin pen, pencil and hold it for at least 45 sec and see the lights they all will start blinking.

2) Now let’s try to login the Zyxel wireless system.

3) Just type Zyxel router’s IP address as on the very top of your web address field bar.

4) Type it’s username as admin and then type a default password as1234. If you have it great or look at your Zyxel router device you may find it at bottom or back of your Zyxel.

5) Now it asks users to change the user name and password you can click on ignore for now and go to the setup wizard.

6) Make a setup of your Zyxel router and users need to change their user name and password for wireless access.

7) Now give a one click on to apply and save all it’s new settings.

8) Now ensures that and make it, update the Zyxel router firmware latest version & then reboot it in a fresh mode. We think that all users will go through above two methods that will helped them initially. If yet problems arises, then ask technical expert advice at Zyxel router support avails all-time.

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I Need Help With Resetted Zyxel Router Not Working?

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