Is Networking Through Outlets Fast Ethernet Cable?

I need to know if there is a huge difference between connecting the Ethernet cord from the router directly to the Xbox or using Ethernet adapters and using two outlets to extend. The only way my Xbox is going to get internet connection is by using the Ethernet adapters and networking through outlets. I just need to know if if its slow or not.

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Step 1: Insert one end of the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet jack of your modem. Insert the other end into the Ethernet jack labeled "Internet" on the back of the Linksys router.

Step 2: Insert the two-pronged AC adapter for the Linksys router into a wall outlet. Insert the other end into the "Power" jack on the back of the router. Wait until the "Power" light in front of the router is solidly lit and the "WLAN" light is flashing.

Step 3: Connect to the network with your computer. The process for this may differ but operating systems will often automatically detect the network.

Step 4: Type "" into the address bar of your Web browser. The login screen appears. Enter a username of "admin" and leave the password field blank. The administration page appears.

Step 5: Click "Administration" then click "Management." Enter and re-enter a router password to require the password for access to the administration page. Click the "Save Settings" button and write down the password for future reference.

Step 6: Click "Wireless" then click "Wireless Security." Select "WPA Personal" from the drop-down menu. Enter a passkey in the "Enter Key" text field. Click "Save Changes" to encrypt the network. This requires other users of the network to enter the passkey before connecting to the wireless network.

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Is Networking Through Outlets Fast Ethernet Cable?

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