Is WiFi Calling on iPhone X Possible?

I want to buy an iPhone X but I have a doubt, can I make calls through wifi calling on iPhone X

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Before we talk about iPhoneX Wi-Fi calling at&t, we must know what Wi-Fi calling actually is?

Wi-Fi calling is nothing but an inbuilt feature in your Smartphone that enables you to make calls by using wireless networks. This means that you can call another person if your device is linked with hotspots in places like shopping malls, library, school, and at home or at any place where the signal strength of the wireless connection is good enough.

Yes, Wi-Fi calling using iPhone X Smartphone is possible. In fact, if you are a user of an iPhone that is running on the latest operating system, then you can make calls by using Wi-Fi.

How to make calls on iPhone X using Wi-Fi?

These are some of the steps that you are required to follow if you want to make iPhone X wireless calling work.

  •  Go to settings and then select Wi-Fi calling to turn it on. To make iPhone X wireless calling possible you will be required to fill in your address in order to get emergency services.
  •  After that, you can add Wi-Fi calling for other devices as well.
  •  If you have other devices, then Sign in to iCloud and enter the same ID credentials that you used on your iOS Smartphone.
  •  If you have an iPad, then tap on settings. After that, go to FaceTime and then touch on calls from iPhone. Finally, go to the option of upgrade to enable iPhone x Wi-Fi calling at&t
  • Press on allow when the digital code appears.

If you are not able to add another device, then you must take a look at the following items.

  •         On your iOS Smartphone please ensure that Wi-Fi calling and allow calling has been enabled. Also, make sure that your iOS phone appears below “Allow Calls On”.
  •         Another thing that you need to keep in mind for iPhone X wireless calling is that you are required to use identical Apple ID for FaceTim. The one you used on iCloud on your Smartphone and other devices.  

So, here are the steps that are essential for you to bring into action for iPhone x Wi-Fi calling at&t. We hope that all your doubts regarding Wi-Fi calling using iPhone X Smartphone will get cleared by reading this article. Technology is one of the greatest blessings mankind has come up with. Therefore, we should use it for the best of our advantage.

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Is WiFi Calling on iPhone X Possible?

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