Linksys Router not Working After Reset?

It has been working for about 2 years now and lately we have been having some internet issues so I decided to reset it. Now the WIFI on my laptop is not finding any connections now and from that time on-wards when i connect the modem to it the internet on the PC goes as well so now I cannot access the router website while the router is connected therefore i can't configure the settings.

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  1. Reconnect through the ROUTER.
  2.  Go to adapter settings and disable your network adapter then enable it again. While you are at it go to the properties of the network adapter -> Internet Protocol (IPv4) -> Properties of IPv4 -> check to make sure it is set to automatic on both settings.
  3. Give it about 20 seconds or so then bring up a command prompt. (Start -> Run -> type "cmd") Then type "ipconfig /all"
  4. Let me know what it says. If THAT does not help try the following:

Alternate Method

  1. Plug back into your MODEM directly giving you internet access.
  2. Do an "ipconfig /all"
  3. The IP address that is shown may have to be set as your Default Gateway on your router somewhere.
  4. Also on the router config check your DHCP settings - post what you find if you need help. About your worries with DYNAMIC and STATIC. For home use DYNAMIC is typically what is used. However it looks like DNS is the problem not your router assigning an IP. The problem could be the network adapter (does wireless NOT work but a WIRED connection work?) or the DNS on the router/modem is not talking with each other.

The Linksys router [MODEL?] may have reset to DEFAULT or partially.

Step 1: Reset router to DEFAULT: With a straightened paperclip press RESET button 30 seconds. Wait 60 secs.

Step 2: On the PC: Click [Start] - Click [Run...] - enter: cmd press [ENTER] At the prompt (c:.....>) enter: ipconfig /all press [ENTER] Ensure DHCP Enabled == YES At the prompt (c:.....>) enter: ipconfig /release press [ENTER] At the prompt (c:.....>) enter: ipconfig /renew press [ENTER] TEST: Open Web Browser: Connect to Log-In: username:(leave it blank) password: admin

Linksys Router not Working After Reset?

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