Linksys Wireless Router Not Connecting?

I currently have a Linksys and can connect fine and also access admin config on the router through IE7. I also have another Linksys at work that I can also access. Last week we connected a new Linksys router and I could get a dhcp address from it both through wireless and wired but could not access the default or the admin config, just receive IE cannot display webpage or could not find? My coworker connected his laptop and right away could access the config.This week I received a new LInksys N router and I have the same problem, I can get dhcp, and ping the gateway but cannot access the admin console through IE and even tried Safari. I brought it in to work and my coworkers laptop can connect successfully. I have tried resetting all IE settings to default, removing all popup blockers, reinstalling the wireless drivers, updating laptop BIOS to most current and updating the routers firmware to most current and still cannot pull up the admin console...any more ideas..

Fix your linksys wireless router –

1- Please Restart the linksys router and restart the modem and connect them using a cable (make sure from the internet port)

see if this works if not than go to other step.

2- Now please just reset the linksys router using the reset key at the back of your linksys wireless router .

just press the reset key using paper-clip or Pen and Hold for like 30-45 seconds and than let it go .

You must reboot the router and modem After Reset Of Linksys Router .

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3- now you can see a unsecured linksys wireless network in the network list of your computer and please try to connect with it.

4- Please type on the top of browser (URL)of your computer.

now please setup the router like a new wireless router

go to wireless security tab and setup SSID and PASSWORD for your router.

and after setup restart all the devices (modem and router and computer )

it should work if linksys is still not working try contacting with ISP.

see if that works and solves the problem in router . Let me know if you need any other help.


Linksys Wireless Router Not Connecting

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