Linksys wrt150n router: can i make my network invisible to outsiders?

Is it possible to configure my network so that an outside computer that enters my network area, cannot even see my network name at all?


Yes, you can easily configure your network and noone can identify your network area and network name. When a wireless device searches the area for wireless networks then recognize SSID that is associated with the Linksys router. Although SSID Broadcast is enabled by default, you can disable it by making some changes in router settings.

Disabling the SSID Broadcast is one way of the best way to secure your wireless network. By doing this, no one can detect your SSID or your wireless network name and you can prevent your network from legitimate users.

Here I am describing how to disable SSID of Linksys wrt150n router:-

1. To disable the SSID Broadcast of your Linksys router, go to Linksys router’s web-based setup page.

2. Click on the Wireless option and choose Disabled for SSID Broadcast.

If the Configuration View is set to Wi-Fi Protected Setup, then perform this -


3. In last, just click on Save settings.

Although the best way to protect a wireless network from unauthorized users is to set a strong wireless password, which is done automatically during setup, and is easily managed using the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account.

Linksys wrt150n router: can i make my network invisible to outsiders?

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