Multiple Device Connection Issues?

Hello, Hopefully someone out there will be able to shed some light on this issue !?! I have recently had a netgear superhub 2 installed in the shared house i live in, since installation there is a problem with devices connecting or having limited connectivity. If you reset the router then they will all connect fine for a few hours but will eventually drop off again and another reset is required ! The devices are as follows: 1. xbox360 2. Desktop on vista with a netgear wireless adaptor 3. Two year old toshiba satellite laptop on windows 8 4. Another laptop running windows 10 5. Nokia lumia 6. iPhone 5 7. Plus another couple of smartphones. Someone please help before i go mad. The odd thing is that there are three other devices working absolutely fine in the house ??

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Netgear Wireless Router Multiple Device Connection Issues:

You can easily connect Netgear Wireless router to all your devices by using "Access Control" or Mac Filtering.

If you have installed Netgear Superhub 2 in your house and still you are having limited connectivity then follow these steps to configure Access Control on your Netgear Wireless router:-

Step 1 : First of all, log on to the Netgear Wireless router by typing the IP address “” into the address bar. Now you will see Netgear router login wizard. Here you have to enter default login details in the appropriate checkboxes.

Username: admin
Password: password 

Step 2 : In next step, click on the ADVANCED option. Now move to Security and click on Access Control option. Next, choose the option “Turn on Access Control”. You have to select this option before you can specify an access rule and use the Allow and Block buttons. When this check box is cleared, you can easily connect all your devices, even if a device is on the blocked list.

Step 3 : After enabling Access control feature, select Access Rule. And allow all devices to connect. By doing this, you can add a new device. After making these changes, if you add a new device to your Netgear router then you must enter its MAC address for an Ethernet connection in the allowed list. The access rule does not affect previously blocked or allowed devices. It applies only to devices joining your network in the future after you apply these settings.

Step 4 : To view allowed or blocked devices that are not connected, click the appropriate links in the user interface. To allow the computer or device you are currently using to continue to access the network, select the checkbox next to your computer or device, and click on “Allow” button. Next, Click on Apply button and enjoy web surfing with your Netgear wireless router.

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Multiple Device Connection Issues?

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