My Belkin G Wireless Router Keeps Disconnecting Every Minute When I Start Using My Laptop Internet?

The router is connected to a Desktop PC through ethernet as well as receiving internet from a Virgin media cable modem. The desktop pc(win xp) internet works fine but the moment I start browsing from my laptop, it disconnects. (I own 2 laptops and the problem is the same with both). One thing i noticed is that it does not disconnect when I use my iphone 3gs to browse through wifi. I really need some help in solving this problem. Thanks in advance.

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Maybe the causes of Power outage belkin g wireless router is the keeps disconnecting every minute. The Sudden power interruptions may result to having intermittent wireless connection or even having none at all from your router as soon as it recovers from the outage. If this happens, a recommended workaround would be to powercycle your router. To do this, power OFF your device and unplug it from the power outlet. Wait for 10 seconds before plugging it back in and turning it ON.

If you are still experiencing an intermittent or no wireless connection after the powercycle, then you may do the following things:

1. First Reset the router then reconfigure it:-  For instructions on resetting your router, click here. For instructions on setting up your router, click here.

2. Upgrade or re-flash your router's firmware :-  After a power failure, there could be a possibility that your firmware will be corrupted, resulting to an intermittent connection. To resolve this you may need to upgrade your firmware. If you are currently using the latest version of the firmware, then you may need to perform a re-flash instead. After you have successfully updated your router’s firmware, ensure that your computer or device’s wireless adapter is also updated. 

If it doesn't work you can try this Go To:-
Control Panel->System>>Device Manager>> Network Adapters>>Belkin Wireless Adapter>>Properties>>Power Management Tab>> Uncheck the box that says "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" that should work!

Rebooting the router would solve the problem because a fresh new connection was re-established with all devices until the next channel switch. 

Low signal quality received from your wireless router
 The place of the router is affects the performance of your wireless network.  Your router or wireless laptop may be losing connectivity because of some barrier such as walls and floors.  Try to move the laptop to a different location to find a better signal.  It is good that The most ideal location would be at the central part of your house.

My Belkin G Wireless Router Keeps Disconnecting Every Minute When I Start Using My Laptop Internet?

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