Not Working With a MAC Book Belkin N Wireless Router F5d8326-4 V3?

If we connect belkin n wireless router model f5d8326-4 v3 at all,our mac is now super slow on the internet it only made the problem worse. any ideas?

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You can easily troubleshoot this problem. Firstly go to System Preferences > Network > Show airport. Now click on the TCP/IP tab contained within. Here you should be given an IP address, subnet mask, and router number. Take note of the router number and put that into your Safari address bar and attempt to load it. If Safari loads the routers config page then the connection between the Mac and the router is fine and you may want to change the channel that the router is broadcasting on and see if that helps. If it does not work then this further implies that Safari is the cause of the problem.
If all of the above fails, then go to the blue Apple icon in the top left-hand corner of your screen and open software update. As this is an independent program, if the computer detects that there are updates to install, then install them. If for some reason when you ran software update and it did not recognize any updates and software update give you a timeout message, then please do the following:
1) Open finder and navigate to the Mac HD > Library > Preferences and move the entire System Configuration folder to the desktop.
2) Restart the machine.
3) Go to System Preferences > Network > Show network port configurations and re-order your network ports making sure they are all switched on. Put them in the order from top to bottom that you intend to connect to the internet eg. if you will primary use wireless then put airport to the top and built-in ethernet second.
4) Try using Safari now and see whether or not the computer will connect to web pages now.
I hope this helps.

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Not Working With a MAC Book Belkin N Wireless Router F5d8326-4 V3?

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